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Laser Grade C-Axis Sapphire Windows

Laser Grade C-Axis Sapphire Windows

  • C-Axis Cut Sapphire to Eliminate Birefringence
  • 10-5 Surface Quality and λ/10 TWFD
  • Uncoated or IBS AR Coated for 1000-1100nm
  • Ideal for High Power Laser Applications

Laser Grade C-Axis Sapphire Windows are precision optical windows cut to the C-axis of sapphire to eliminate the inherent birefringent properties of the material. C-axis sapphire, also referred to as C-plane sapphire or zero degree sapphire, provides high transmission from the ultraviolet (UV) to the mid-infrared, excellent chemical resistance, and high surface hardness second only to diamond. Featuring laser grade 10-5 surface quality and λ/10 transmitted wavefront distortion (TWFD), these windows are ideal for use in laser applications or for integration into laser systems. Laser Grade C-Axis Sapphire Windows are available uncoated or with an ion-beam sputtered (IBS) antireflection (AR) coating for 1000 - 1100nm, ideal for Nd:YAG, Yb:doped fiber, or Yb:YAG laser applications. Standard imperial sizes facilitate drop-in replacement into existing laser systems; please contact us if your application requires a Laser Grade C-Axis Sapphire Window with a custom size or coating.

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