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Machine Vision Filter Swatches

#21-775: Machine Vision Swatch Filter Kit

#21-775: Machine Vision Swatch Filter Kit

#21-775: Machine Vision Swatch Filter Kit #21-776: Neutral Density Swatch Filter Kit
  • Easily Selectable Filters
  • Large 43mm Diameter Bandpass and Neutral Density Filters
  • Machine Vision Filter Kit Also Available

Machine Vision Filter Swatches provide a range of bandpass or neutral density filters to easily evaluate color contrast and control the variability of ambient light in machine vision applications. The bandpass filter swatches include one linear polarizer and nine UV, VIS, and NIR machine vision filter options, while the neutral density filter swatches include seven neutral density filters ranging from OD 0.3 to OD 4.0. Both swatch sets feature transmission curves printed on each individual swatch as well as a QR code linking to the filter specifications. Machine Vision Filter Swatches are compact and portable, making them an ideal resource for prototyping and testing on-site applications quickly. Individual mounted machine vision filters, neutral density filters, and polarizers in additional threaded sizes from M22 to M105 are also available.

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