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Metric Tilt Platform

  • Tilt Control in Two Axes (±2.5°)
  • Multiple Tapped and C’bored Holes for Easy Mounting
  • Black Anodized Aluminum

Ideal for tilt control of both optics and mounting posts. Platform top plate has 4 M4 tapped holes at each corner (on 50mm centers) and one M16 tapped hole on center. Platform bottom plate has 2 counterbore holes for M4 SHCS, one M6 SHCS (on center) counterbore hole for mounting to our Metric Breadboards and Base Plates, and one M6 tapped hole for mounting to our Metric Stainless Steel Mounting Posts. Platform also features one M6 tapped hole for mounting vertically. Stage includes two M4 stainless steel socket head cap screws.

Compatible with the following stages: #54-687, #55-032, #55-459, #55-527, #55-840, #55-841, #56-335, and #56-336.

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