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Microscope Eyepieces

Microscope Eyepieces

  • Widefield and DIN-45mm Versions Available
  • Widefield Versions Offer Adjustable Diopter
  • Three Standard Magnifications

Microscope Eyepieces attach to a variety of microscope systems featuring designs that consist of an achromatic doublet with a single plano-convex lens, where both convex surfaces face each other. These eyepieces are ideal for use with standard achromatic objectives and upright, brightfield microscope systems. Microscope Eyepieces are available as standard parts with different magnifications, focal lengths, and field stops. Additional magnification options available upon request - contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.

Note: Eyepieces are sold individually, not as a set.

Technical Information

Dimensions (mm)
Stock No. A B C D
#35-689 30.1 24.5 10 28
#35-690 33.7 26.3 10 42
#35-691 19.6 26.3 10 40
#35-692 19.5 24.5 10 28