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Mounted Standard Series Iris Diaphragms

  • Pre-mounted in Aluminum Mounts
  • 8-32 or ¼-20 Threading for Post Mounting
  • Aperture Sizes Up to 50mm

Mounted Standard Series Iris Diaphragms can provide control of system f/# (f/# = focal length/effective diameter), field stop diameter, and overall energy throughput when incorporated into standard optical systems. It should be noted that the location of the iris is critical to how it will affect the system. All of these diaphragms offer exceptionally smooth operation over the lever travel, from maximum to minimum aperture (approximately 90°). These mounted diaphragms feature a tapped hole for easy post mounting. Mounted Standard Series Iris Diaphragms have blued spring steel leave construction and black housing finish with lever actuators that are available with a stainless steel “pin.” These diaphragms are specifically designed for OEM integration and general laboratory use. 
Note: Iris Diaphragm, #37-919, is available with filter holder and post.  

Technical Information

A B C D E Threading F G Threading H Stock No.
30.8mm 19.8mm 6.1mm 6.35mm 2.5mm 4-40 15.1mm 8-32 #53-914
50.8mm 37.0mm 9.0mm 9.5mm 2.8mm 6-32 25mm ¼-20 #53-915
66mm 53.0mm 8.9mm 9.5mm 3mm 6-32 32.7mm ¼-20 #53-916
86mm 70.0mm 10.0mm 9.5mm 3.8mm 6-32 42.7mm ¼-20 #53-917