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Mounted Standard Series Iris Diaphragms

  • Pre-mounted in Aluminum Mounts
  • 8-32 or ¼-20 Threading for Post Mounting
  • Aperture Sizes Up to 50mm

These are our most popular matrix of Standard Series diaphragms offered in aluminum mounts. The tolerances are held tightly to ensure perfect centering of the diaphragm within the mount. Mounting holes are centered to offer easy integration into optical breadboard configurations. For the ½" maximum aperture (smallest), a 8-32 to ¼-20 thread adapter is available (#53-926). For additional information on the Mounted Standard Series Iris Diaphragms, match the aperture range with the standard series table.

Technical Information

A B C D E Threading F G Threading H Stock No.
30.8mm 19.8mm 6.1mm 6.35mm 2.5mm 4-40 15.1mm 8-32 #53-914
50.8mm 37.0mm 9.0mm 9.5mm 2.8mm 6-32 25mm ¼-20 #53-915
66mm 53.0mm 8.9mm 9.5mm 3mm 6-32 32.7mm ¼-20 #53-916
86mm 70.0mm 10.0mm 9.5mm 3.8mm 6-32 42.7mm ¼-20 #53-917
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