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Multi-Element Tube System Kit

Multi-Element Tube System Kit

Multi-Element Tube System Kit

  • Create Basic Optical Systems
  • Ideal for OEM, Experimentation, or Prototyping
  • Includes Mounting Options for 12mm, 12.5mm, and 25mm Diameter Optics
  • Click Here to See How to Use the Multi-Element Tube System Components to Build an Optical System.

The TECHSPEC® Multi-Element Tube System Kit provides an introductory platform for researchers, engineers, or educators to create optical assemblies for OEM, experimentation, or prototyping purposes. This kit contains an assortment of essential Multi-Element Tube System components, including single and pair optic mounts, outer tubes, spacer rings and tubes, aperture rings, and various accessories needed to construct a basic optical system. The TECHSPEC Multi-Element Tube System Kit includes optic mounts for common optical diameters of 12mm, 12.5mm, and 25mm. The included C-Mount thread adapters allow for compatibility between the systems created with this kit and a broad range of applications.

Technical Information

List of Components Quantity Stock No.
 Outer Tube, 15mm Length 2 #37-900
 Outer Tube, 30mm Length 2 #37-901
 Outer Tube, 50mm Length 2 #37-902
 Outer Tube, 80mm Length 1 #37-903
 Outer Tube, 100mm Length 1 #37-904
 Inner Single Optic Mount, 12mm 2 #38-749
 Inner Single Optic Mount, 12.5mm 2 #38-750
 Inner Single Optic Mount, 25mm, Thin 2 #38-755
 Inner Single Optic Mount, 25mm, Thick 2 #38-758
 Inner Pair Optic Mount, 25mm x 2 pcs., Thick 1 #11-054
 Inner Spacer Ring Kit 1 #11-193
 Inner Spacer Tube, 1mm 2 #11-194
 Inner Spacer Tube, 3mm 1 #11-195
 Inner Spacer Tube, 5mm 1 #11-196
 Inner Spacer Tube, 10mm 1 #11-197
 Inner Spacer Tube, 25mm 1 #11-198
 Inner Spacer Tube, 40mm 1 #11-199
 Inner Spacer Tube, 60mm 1 #11-207
ME Inner Aperture Plate Kit 1 #11-187
ME Outer Tube Joining Ring 1 #11-179
Multi-Element Retaining Ring Set 1 #37-774
ME C-Mount Male Converter 1 #11-178
ME C-Mount Female Converter 1 #11-177
ME Tube Spanner Wrench 1 #11-046


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