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Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors

TECHSPEC® Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors

TECHSPEC® Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors

TECHSPEC® Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors Protected Aluminum Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirror Protected Gold Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirror
  • <100Å Surface Roughness for Low Scatter
  • Diamond Turned Alignment Surfaces
  • Ideal for Finite Conjugate Reflection

TECHSPEC® Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors are finite conjugate focusing mirrors used to image at a set angle. These mirrors feature fixed conjugate image and object path lengths, providing up to 2.5X magnification from the object plane to the imaging plane. Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors are commonly found in Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) systems where broadband light sources require the use of metallic reflectors with an off-axis design to meet space constraints. TECHSPEC Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirrors feature a diamond turned cylindrical surface on their base, with a radius equivalent to the distance to the major axis of the ellipse, for aligning the mirror to the major axis as well as a diamond turned flat reference surface that is perpendicular to the major axis. Please contact us if your application requires an Off-Axis Ellipsoidal Mirror with custom specifications.

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