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Optics Cleaning Brushes

Air-Blower with Compressor #57-607

Air-Blower with Compressor #57-607 Retractable Soft Lens Brush #40-504 Anti-Static Dusting Brush Lens Blower Brush, #36-433
  • Perfect for Cleaning Optics Safely
  • Quick Solution for Removing Dust and Lint
  • Ideal for Use when Solvents will Cause Damage

Optics Cleaning Brushes are comprised of soft lens, anti-static, and lens blower brushes, along with air-blowers with compressors. These brushes will remove dust and lint from the surface of an optic without causing damage to the substrate or the coating. Anti-static brushes are great for sensitive materials like computer screens and electronic equipment, while the air-blower with compressor can be used to dry an optic that was cleaned with solvents. The lens blower brushes combine both of these tools into one package. Optics Cleaning Brushes are ideal optical cleaning tools for all labs and optics-handling projects.