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Polarization Gratings

Polarization Gratings

  • Selectively Diffract Light Based on Polarization
  • >96% Efficiency and <4% Leakage into Zero Order
  • 0.45mm Thick Transmission Grating
  • Multiple Diffraction Angles Available

Polarization Gratings are used to selectively diffract light based on polarization state with the angle of diffraction dependent on the grating film design. Unpolarized light is diffracted evenly between the positive and negative first orders while circularly polarized light is diffracted entirely to one order with the polarization state being maintained. These gratings are designed for high transmission and greater than 96% diffraction efficiency, resulting in a maximum of 4% of light leaking into the zero order. Polarization Gratings can be used to provide non-mechanical beam steering and are capable of offering wide-area coverage in imaging and sensing applications with minimal space requirements and negligible added system weight. Applications for polarization gratings include augmented reality (AR) systems such as AR headsets, telecommunication devices, and beam steering in optical systems.

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