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Precision Gimbal Mounts


Ideal for positioning applications where the position of the center of the optic must remain stationary as it is tilted (i.e., laser mirror turning). Mount features: precision micrometer movement, coarse angular translation (360°), fine angular translation (0.25mm pitch) and color coded knobs for pitch and roll. Sturdy, rugged, black anodized aluminum construction. Posts and Post Holders are required for mounting to a breadboard.

Technical Information

Clear Aperture (CA) A B C D E (Max. Thickness of Compatible Optics) F Stock No.
9.5 73 30 49 71 6 29 #84-640
22 73 30 49 71 6 29 #54-999
46 94 40 59 91 11 30 #55-000
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