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RAYLASE Galvanometer Optical Scanners

Superscan IV Bundle

Superscan IV Bundle Miniscan III Bundle
  • 10, 14, and 15mm Mirror Apertures
  • Coated for 1064nm Higher Power Laser Applications
  • Stable Digital Control for High Speeds
  • Dual Axis Configuration

RAYLASE Galvanometer Optical Scanners are available as either the MINISCAN III galvanometer or the SUPERSCAN IV galvanometer which both provide stable, high speed control in an IP64 rated dust-proof housing. The MINISCAN III galvanometer unit offers stable digital control, low noise, and low drift in a compact 134 x 98mm dual axis form factor. The SUPERSCAN IV galvanometer unit features a water-cooled master block design for stable thermal operation enabling applications that require frequent beam direction changes, high jump frequencies, and high input laser power. RAYLASE Galvanometer Optical Scanners are ideal for a range of high speed and high power laser manufacturing applications such as laser ablation, scribing, surface cleaning, material cutting, and component marking. These galvanometer units feature a highly reflective (HR) laser coating for 1064nm on the 10, 14, and 15mm mirror apertures, but can be coated for 355 and 532nm laser applications; please contact us for alternate galvanometer tunings or mirror coatings.

Note: For proper application implementation, these high-speed optical scanning devices must be used in conjunction with an F-Theta scanning lens. Our F-Theta scanning lenses can be found here.