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Replicated Hollow Metal Retroreflectors

Replicated Hollow Metal Retroreflectors

Replicated Hollow Metal Retroreflectors

  • Monolithic Aluminum Construction
  • Return Beam Accuracy Unaffected by Vibration
  • Bare Gold Coated for High Reflectivity in the Infrared

Replicated Hollow Metal Retroreflectors feature a monolithic aluminum construction and an integrated mount to provide return beam performance unaffected by vibration. These retroreflectors are coated on their first surface with bare gold, maximizing their reflectivity in the infrared (IR). Designed to have the entirety of their optical path in air, these retroreflectors do not require antireflection coatings for optimal performance and can be used over wider wavelength ranges than glass retroreflectors. Replicated Hollow Metal Retroreflectors are ideal for applications where an optical path through a glass prism is undesired, reduced weight is required, or where high shock and vibration levels are expected. The replication manufacturing process of these optics enables cost-effective designs while providing high performance beam return accuracy.

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