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TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

Rotating Filter Wheels

  • Holds Six or Twelve Filters
  • Accepts 1" / 25mm or ½" / 12.5mm Diameters
  • 12 Index Positions for Precise Movement

Our filter wheels offer the flexibility of using up to six (1" or 25mm) or twelve (½" or 12.5mm) different filters and the ability to quickly and accurately switch between them. The wheel assembly has detents in 30° increments so that it can be clicked into 12 fixed positions to allow for either horizontal or vertical alignment. The filter wheel is designed so that two wheel assemblies can be positioned face-to-face on a breadboard with less than 20mm separation.

Retainer rings are included with the filter wheels, which can hold a maximum filter thickness of 3.6mm. The C-Mount Adapters allow the use of C-Mount components, including our C-Mount Lens Mounts which can hold filters of varying size and thickness. The filter wheel assembly can be easily mounted using the ¼-20 tapped hole at the base. Other useful features include labeled filter positions, a finger groove on the outer diameter for easy rotation, and a removable front knob for interchanging filter wheels. Filter Wheel Only (#56-783 & #58-183) can be purchased separately for switching wheels on the assembly, without removing filters.  Common applications include fluorescence imaging, DNA sequencing, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) diagnostic instruments, attenuating low power lasers, and variable filters for machine vision.  Filter Wheels are available Pre-Loaded with our TECHSPEC® Neutral Density Filters, Shortpass Filters, Longpass Filters or Bandpass Filters.