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Sapphire Windows with Through Holes

Sapphire Windows with Through Holes

  • 25.4mm Diameter Sapphire Substrates
  • 3.2 - 19.1mm Through Hole Diameters
  • High Transmission From 0.33 - 5.5μm

Sapphire Windows with Through Holes, also referred to as sapphire washers, feature 25.4mm diameter sapphire substrates with a centered through hole ranging in diameter from 3.2 - 19.1mm. Sapphire offers extreme surface hardness second only to diamond, high thermal conductivity, and is chemically inert, making it ideal for use in harsh environments. These windows provide high transmission from 0.33 - 5.5μm and can be made much thinner than glass windows due to the structural strength of sapphire. Sapphire Windows with Through Holes can be manufactured as modified standard versions of our sapphire windows or as entirely custom products; please contact us to discuss your application requirements.

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