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SCHOTT EasyLED Series Illuminators

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  • Ringlight, Backlight, and Spotlight Illuminators
  • Integrated Controllers for Intensity Adjustment
  • Designed for Easy Integration into Microscopy Systems

SCHOTT EasyLED Series Illuminators are compact illuminators with integrated controllers that provide continuous intensity adjustment. These illuminators are available as ringlights, backlights, or spotlights, and accessories are available to integrate each type of illuminator into microscopy systems. EasyLED Ringlights offer homogenous, shadow-free illumination, while the Ringlights Plus also features controllable LED segments for enhanced contrast adjustment. EasyLED Backlights are designed to fit common microscope stand sizes from 84 to 180mm in diameter and provide uniform illumination over their large 50mm diameter active area. EasyLED Spotlights can be mounted to any microscope stand to facilitate integration into existing microscopy systems and are available with one or two adjustable spotlights. SCHOTT EasyLED Series Illuminators are an ideal replacement for conventional cold light sources using fiber optics in machine vision or microscopy applications.

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