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Single Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners

Single Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners

Single Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners

  • ±10° of Optical Scanning
  • Designed for Stable Positioning at Fast Scan Speeds
  • Compact Form Factor for Space Sensitive Applications

Single Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners are used in applications that require beam steering in one axis. These galvanometers are designed to have a compact form factor and long-life bearings to provide high speed, high performance scanning in space sensitive applications. The small footprint of these galvanometers also allows them to be easily integrated into larger optical systems, such as OCT systems. Single Axis Galvanometer Optical Scanners feature silver coated mirrors for broadband performance with input beams from the visible to infrared. Their analog command input of ±10V DC provides ±10° of optical scan.

#11-762 includes a 6210H Series Galvanometer with a 5mm mirror assembly, a 671 Series Servo Driver, and a galvanometer to servo interconnect cable. A power supply (#14-571) and power supply cable (#88-170) are required to operate the driver board and are sold separately. 

Note: A mount, #11-763, is available for mounting #11-762. It is strongly recommended that a heat sink be placed in contact with the servo driver board during operation. The thermal grease improves heat transfer between servo driver board and heat sink (not included).

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