Smart CCD Based Spectrometers

  • Onboard Data Processing and Temperature Compensation
  • 14ns Trigger Delay with +/- 1ns Gate Jitter in Multichannel Operation
  • USB 3.0 Communication Transferring over 930 Spectra/ Second in Burst Mode
  • Spectrometer Accessories Also Available

Smart CCD Based Spectrometers feature a 2048 element detector and built-in 16-bit digitizer with a greater than 2.0 MHz readout speed. An embedded processor allows for on-board signal processing, including averaging, smoothing, and automatic dark noise subtraction. Smart CCD Based Spectrometers utilize USB 3.0 to provide data transfer rates of over 930 spectra per second.

Note: These spectrometers have been preconfigured with a 25μm slit to provide high resolution without sacrificing signal strength. Each spectrometer includes a USB cable, software, and operation manual.

Smart CCD Based Spectrometers have been optimized for multichannel operation of up to 32 channels, and feature low trigger delay and gate jitter. The 1.05ms minimum integration time is adjustable in 1μs increments. These spectrometers also feature automatic temperature compensation to provide low thermal drift. Light input can be controlled with a fixed-intensity lamp using a fiber patchcord (sold separately). For visible and NIR spectrometers, use a tungsten source with a spectral range of 390 – 2800nm. For a broader UV to NIR spectral range of approximately 200 – 1100nm, use a deuterium/tungsten source.

The included software can be used to capture single or continuous spectra, in addition to supporting dark subtraction and intensity comparison. The software also provides automatically timed spectrum saving, and the ability to measure percent intensity relative to a reference, adjust integration and averaging times, calculate absorbance of displayed data, monitor spectral changes with time, routinely and systematically detect spectra peaks, save and display user entered comments with spectra, and overlay multiple spectra on displays simultaneously.