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Specific Microscope Video Relay Lenses

  • Video Adaptability for Most Microscopes
  • Offer High Resolution and Precise Focusing
  • Permit Variety of Magnifications
  • Interchangeable—Share Video Cameras and Coupler with Many Different Microscopes

High-resolution C-Mount coupler system enables video adaptation for most major microscopes. Parfocal adjustment allows for the simultaneous focus of both scope eyepieces and video monitor via a simple twist. The main body/coupler contains a relay lens to project the microscope’s intermediate image onto the camera’s sensor. Several magnifications are available for achieving the desired field of view for many sensor formats (1/3", ½", 2/3", 1"). Different bottom clamps allow easy, versatile adaptation between coupler and microscope. The 1.0X coupler is designed to offer higher resolution associated with digital cameras.

Technical Information

Note: Match video coupler from the first table with desired camera format, then match appropriate bottom clamp from the second table with your microscope; both parts are required to make a full system.

This table shows the effects of using various magnification couplers with different sensor formats. Lower magnification equals a larger field of view. Lower magnifications do not work well with larger sensor format sizes.

Stock No. Coupler Magnification 1/3" Format ½" Format 2/3" Format 1" Format
#58-376 0.50X Magnification Widest FOV Widest FOV N/A N/A
#58-377 0.67X Magnification Higher Mag. Higher Mag. Widest FOV N/A
#58-378 1.00X Magnification Highest Mag. Highest Mag. Higher Mag. Widest FOV
Bottom Clamp Selections for Specific Microscope Models
A) Fits all LEICA scopes with 37mm ID photoports, as well as the LEICA DMR, DMLS, DMLB and DMIRB. #58-379
B) Fits all 38mm ID photoports from LEICA, LEITZ, NIKON and WILD. Scopes do not include phototube, just a photoport or a removable phototube. #58-380
C) Fits all NIKON scopes with phototubes (scopes with non removable/permanently affixed phototubes). #58-381
D) Fits OLYMPUS scopes with U-SPT phototubes (standard trinocular phototubes on older scopes). #58-382
E) Fits OLYMPUS BX and AX Provis series without U-SPT phototube. Scope does not include phototube, just a photoport or a removable phototube. #58-383
F) Fits OLYMPUS and ZEISS scopes with standard 25mm outer diameter phototubes. #58-384
G) Fits ZEISS: Axiolab, Axiotech, Axioplan-2 and Axiophot-2. If using standard trinocular photoport, fits AXIOVERT: 100, 135, 135M and 1M series. Also fits ZEISS: SV6, SV11, Stemi 2000-C and Stemi DRC. #58-385

Note: The difference between a photoport and a phototube is that the photoport is the physical opening in a microscope into which a phototube is placed. Some phototubes are not removable.

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