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Suprasil® Windows

Suprasil® Windows

Suprasil® Windows

  • High Transmission from 200 to 3500nm
  • <1 ppm OH Content for Minimal Absorption Losses
  • 10-5 Surface Quality and up to λ/10 Surface Flatness

Suprasil® Windows are constructed from high purity synthetic fused silica and provide high, flat transmission from 200 to 3500nm. Suprasil has similar mechanical properties to fused silica with the added benefit of having no absorption bands in the visible or infrared spectra, resulting in no transmission loss between 1400 - 2700nm. Compared to Infrasil®, Suprasil has lower absorption with a <1 ppm OH content, causing negligible increase in temperature from bulk absorption when used with high powered lasers. Suprasil Windows are ideal for laser material processing, medical laser applications, or applications using Nd:doped or 2 micron lasers. Standard sizes from 5 to 50mm are available with 10-5 surface quality and up to λ/10 surface flatness.

Transmission of Suprasil 300 compared to Corning 7980

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