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Ultra-High Power UV Curing System

Ultra-High Power UV Curing System

  • 4mm Beam Diameter for Focused Curing
  • 365nm Center Wavelength
  • Up to 5.5W/cm2 UV Irradiance

This Ultra-High Power UV Curing System provides fast and deep curing of UV cured optical adhesives or epoxies. Centered at 365nm, the UV light delivered by this system achieves UV irradiance up to 5.5W/cm2. The Ultra-High Power UV Curing System is designed to have a long operation lifetime of over 10,000 hours, excellent reliability, and energy efficiency. This UV curing system is operated through either a button located on the hand-held UV spot light or an included foot pedal for user convenience.

Note: Due to the high power of this UV Curing System, we recommend using UV Protective Eyewear during operation. Speak with your health and safety manager to ensure you are selecting the proper PPE for your application.

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