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UV Bandpass Filters

UV Bandpass Filters

  • Center Wavelengths in the UV from 193nm
  • First Surface Bandpass Coating with Protective Overcoat
  • 25 and 50mm Diameters Available

UV Bandpass Filters feature center wavelengths across the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum that align with wavelengths commonly used as analytical spectral lines, including 193nm, 214nm, and 248nm. These unmounted filters feature a UV bandpass coating on the first surface, along with a protective overcoat that resists moderate abrasion. The simple construction of these filters provides greater environmental stability compared to traditional coated UV filters. UV Bandpass Filters are designed for high transmission in the UV, and with deep blocking for wavelengths from X-ray to the far infrared (FIR) that are outside of their narrow bandwidths. Typical applications include Raman spectroscopy as well as chemical spectral analysis.

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