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UV Light Exposure Chamber

  • Exposure Monitoring System
  • Preset and User Adjustable Modes
  • Internal Safety Interlocks
  • UV Blocking Viewing Window

This user-safe, self contained light exposure chamber is small enough to fit onto a benchtop. The unit uses five 8 watt UV discharge tubes which emit a peak wavelength at 365nm for use in speedy curing of UV activated materials.

The unit features a digital timer that can be programmed to deliver a specific dose of UV energy or irradiate the UV material for a specified time. A UV sensor inside the chamber monitors the amount of UV energy delivered and shuts off the chamber once the specified amount has been delivered. Other features include an exposure completion audio indicator, a full numerical keypad and UV safe viewing window. Access to the exposure chamber is via the base hinged door, which features safety interlocks to guard against accidental exposure to the user when in operation. Typical applications include use in electronic, telecommunications and various other optical and non-optical fields.

Exposure Modes

  • 120,000 Microjoules/cm2 Preset UV Energy Exposure
  • 2 Minutes Preset UV Time Exposure
  • Maximum 999,900 Microjoules/cm2 User Selectable UV Energy Exposure
  • Maximum 999.9 Minutes User Selectable UV Time Exposure

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