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Spectralon® White Balance and Diffuse Reflectance Targets

Spectralon® White Balance and Diffuse Reflectance Targets

  • Diffuse Reflectance with 99% Nominal Reflectance in UV-VIS-NIR Wavelength Range (350 - 1600nm)
  • Durable, Stable, and Washable
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate and Data from 250 - 2500nm

Spectralon® White Balance and Diffuse Reflectance Targets can be used for a variety of industrial, laboratory, and field applications including calibration of imaging systems, backlight illumination, laser targets, optical reflectors, remote sensing, and proximity sensor. These targets are 99% reflective throughout UV-VIS-NIR wavelengths (350 – 1600nm) and exhibit high reflectivity for the entire calibrated wavelength region. These targets come with calibration data certified against NIST traceable standards from 250 to 2500nm wavelength region and report in 50nm intervals. Spectralon® White Balance and Diffuse Reflectance Targets’ data is used to evaluate the correlation between the output values of an instrument, such as a camera or spectrometer, and the known values of the standard to provide correction factors for the instrument. 

In the case of color reproduction of an imaging system, using the target can provide true color and maintain a constant contrast over a variety of lighting conditions. In most color cameras, calculating the differences between input and output and applying correction factors is done automatically by the camera’s "white balance" function, making the standard very easy to use. If a camera does not have an automatic white balance function, color management can be done manually. Besides calibrating for white balance, the standard can be used for calibrating lighting levels and uniformity within an imaging system.

All targets are durable, thermally and chemically stable, and washable. They are ideal for applications that require long exposure to harsh environmental conditions, which makes them ideal for many machine vision and outdoor environments. All targets come mounted on a rugged anodized aluminum housing with mounting holes for easy integration.

Note: Custom targets are recommended if the FOV is less than 0.64mm.