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Z-Laser ZX20 Focusable Machine Vision Laser Diode Modules

  • Homogenous Intensity Distribution Lines with Fan Angles from 20° to 90°
  • IP67 Rated Stainless Steel Housing
  • Violet, Blue, Green, and Red Wavelengths Available

Z-Laser ZX20 Focusable Machine Vision Laser Diode Modules feature even-intensity distribution lines in wavelengths from 405 – 660nm for demanding image processing applications. The IP67 rated. stainless steel housings are shock and vibration proof, enabling these laser diode modules to be used in harsh industrial environments. Manually focusable without any additional tools, Z-Laser ZX20 Focusable Machine Vision Laser Diode Modules are ideal for use in measurement and alignment in machine vision, 3D measurement, positioning, and triangulation applications. Additional features include 400kHz TTL modulation for camera synchronization, analog modulation for output power adjustment, and a serial interface for monitoring temperature, laser usage, and failure codes.

Note: M12 connection cable #64-836 is recommended for ease of system integration.

Red wavelengths (640 and 660nm) are most commonly used in machine vision applications, as the quantum efficiency of most camera sensors are optimized for this wavelength range.  Violet (405nm), blue (450nm), and green (520nm) are most commonly used with semi-transparent surfaces or with highly reflective surfaces such as polished metal and solder joints.  These wavelengths can also be used to create visual contrast on glowing materials such as molten steel.