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Semiconductor Supermirrors

Semiconductor supermirrors offer high reflectivity and outperform many IR mirrors on the market. Learn more about these new supermirrors at Edmund Optics.

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Stemmed Mirrors

Mounting flat mirrors by their edges in a kinematic mount imparts stress onto the mirror surface. This results in distortion and reduced quality of the reflected wavefront, which is especially noticeable when using high-quality mirrors. Stemmed mirrors, on the other hand, are mounted from a smaller diameter “stem” protruding from the back of the mirror, resulting in significantly reduced stress on the mirror surface, high stability, and cost reduction and can be used as a replacement for a more expensive and complex kinematic mount and a conventional mirror.

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Advancements in CMOS Sensor Technology

Sensor Manufacturing Designs & Methods

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Rapid Optical Prototyping

Quickly Respond to Collapsing Product Lifecycles

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Non-Circular Optics for System Miniaturization

Trimming the Fat: Truncating Lenses to Shrink Systems

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Ultra-Thin Longpass and Shortpass Filters

Innovative ultra-thin filters provide flexibility, scratch resistance, and durability comparable to most hard oxide coatings. Learn more at Edmund Optics.

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Open-Source DIY Microscopy

Accessible, Flexible Technology Supported by a Community of Users

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