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Optical Filters Review

Optical Filters are used to selectively transmit or block certain wavelengths or wavelength ranges within optical systems.

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Manipulating Wavebands: Color & Filters

Nick Sischka explains why color consideration and illumination are so important for machine vision in this hands-on demonstration from the Edmund Optics 2021 Imaging Innovation Summit.

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Optical Filter Coatings: Comparison of Traditional and Hard-Sputtered

Confused about the differences between traditional-coated and hard-coated optical filters?

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Filter Holder Plate and Interchangeable Filter Holder

Easily add and remove optical filters from any cage system setup after viewing this quick demonstration of integrating a filter holder plate and interchangeable filter holder using #86-018 and #85-649.

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Understanding Absorption of Light

Learn about the absorption of light in this kid-friendly explanation with helpful visuals presented by Rebecca Emerich, Educational Outreach Manager

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Polarizers Review

Polarizers are used in a wide range of imaging and research and development applications.

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Choosing the Right Beam Expander with Dr. Mary Turner

Learn how to choose the right beam expander for your laser system in this tutorial from Dr. Mary Turner, Technical Fellow at Edmund Optics

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Beam Combining for Increased Power

When measuring minuscule particles, many advanced Life Science applications require more power than one laser produces.

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EO Global Manufacturing Facilities

Edmund Optics® (EO) manufactures millions of precision optical components and subassemblies every year in our 5 global manufacturing facilities.

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Edmund Optics Manufacturing: We Make It

Edmund Optics (EO) manufactures over 5 million optical components every year at our global facilities in the Americas and Asia.

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Important Concepts for Selecting Optical Component Mounts

Edmund Optics offers a variety of kinematic, bar-type, translating, ring, and modular mounting components.

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Polarization Overview - Part 1: Polarization Basics

Polarizers are optical components designed to filter, modify, or analyze the various polarization states of light.

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