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Siemens Star Target, 4" x 4", 120 Sectors Photo Paper

Photo Paper Star Target

Photo Paper Star Target

Stock #46-246
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Frequency (lp/mm):
0.6112 - 15.28
Photo Paper
Line Width (mm):
0.033 - 0.82
Number of Sectors:
Optical Density OD:
Pattern Diameter (mm):
Dimensions (inches):
4 x 4 ±0.004
Thickness (mm):
0.20 ±nominal
Wedge Angle:
Unresolved Core Diameter (mm):
Emulsion Coated
NIST Certification:

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
REACH 201:

Product Family Description

  • Ideal for Detection of Focus Errors and Astigmatism
  • 0.6 to 14 lp/mm Wedge Spacing
  • Available on White Photographic Paper or Chrome on Glass

Star targets are ideal for identifying focus errors, astigmatism, and other aberrations existing in an imaging system. We have several targets to choose from. Our 60mm diameter (#58-832 and #58-833) targets feature an unresolved core of 100μm, and are ideal for high-resolution or high magnification imaging systems. Both targets are chrome on glass. Our 4” x 4” targets, available as chrome on glass (#46-247) or photo paper (#46-246), feature an unresolved core of 2.7mm, and are designed for mid- to low-range spatial frequencies common in macro imaging systems.

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