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TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

10mm Dia. x 1.5mm Thickness 1.65-3µm Coated Silicon Window

TECHSPEC Silicon (Si) Windows

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Protective as needed
Clear Aperture CA (mm):
Diameter (mm):
10.00 +0.0/-0.1
Thickness (mm):
1.50 ±0.1
BBAR (1650-3000nm)
Coating Specification:
Ravg <1% @ 1650 - 3000nm
Rabs <2% @ 1650 - 3000nm
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion CTE (10-6/°C):
Density (g/cm3):
Fine Ground
Index of Refraction nd:
3.422 @ 5µm
Knoop Hardness (kg/mm2):
Parallelism (arcmin):
Poisson's Ratio:
Substrate: Many glass manufacturers offer the same material characteristics under different trade names. Learn More
Silicon (Si)
Surface Flatness (P-V):
Surface Quality:
Protective Window
Wavelength Range (nm):
1650 - 3000
Young's Modulus (GPa):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Certificate of Conformance:
Reach 235:

Product Family Description

  • Transmission from 1.2 - 7μm
  • Available Uncoated or AR Coated for 1.65 - 5μm
  • Ideal for Weight Sensitive Applications

TECHSPEC® Silicon (Si) Windows manufactured from optical grade silicon are popular for the 1.2 - 7μm spectral region due to their low cost and low density. Due to its low density (half that of germanium or zinc selenide), silicon is ideal for weight sensitive applications, especially those in the 1.65 - 5μm region. Density is 2.329 g/cm3 and Knoop Hardness is 1150, making it harder and less brittle than germanium. TECHSPEC® Silicon (Si) Windows available uncoated or AR coated for 1.65 - 5μm. These crystal windows are offered in diameters ranging from 10 – 76.20mm.