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10mm Square, 0.7mm Thick, II-VI Uncoated Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Window

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Protective as needed
Clear Aperture (%):
Clear Aperture CA (mm):
9.00 x 9.00
Dimensions (mm):
10.00 x 10.00
Thickness (mm):
0.70 ±0.10
Index of Refraction nd:
2.38 @ 10.6µm
Parallelism (arcmin):
Substrate: Many glass manufacturers offer the same material characteristics under different trade names. Learn More
Coherent® Optical Grade Polycrystalline CVD Diamond
Surface Quality:
Protective Window
Wavelength Range (nm):
300 - 25000
Length (mm):
Width (mm):
Type of Window:

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 224:
Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • High Transmission Across UV, FIR, and Microwave Spectra
  • High Thermal Conductivity for Use with High Power Lasers
  • Exceptional Hardness for Ultimate Scratch Resistance
  • Coherent® Manufactured

Coherent® Optical Grade Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Windows feature high transmission across the ultraviolet (UV), far infrared (FIR), and microwave wavelength spectra. Manufactured from plasma chemical vapor deposited diamond by Coherent®, these windows offer high-purity, uniformity, and ultimate scratch resistance. These windows also have exceptional chemical resistance and biocompatibility, enabling their use in harsh environments as well as in medical applications. Coherent® Optical Grade Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Windows are used as exit windows of high-power CO2 lasers, offering higher thermal conductivity and lower absorption than other infrared materials to minimize effects on beam quality. Other common applications include their use as microwave windows in diamond-based nuclear detectors, general microwave engineering, and multi-spectral optic systems.

Note: Custom coating opportunities, including anti-reflection and high-reflectivity coatings, are available. Please contact us for more information.

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25mm sq - Rectangular Bar Clamp Fixed #54-994 €99,00
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60mm sq - Rectangular Bar Clamp Fixed #54-995 €116,00
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