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3mm Dia., Four-Element Segmented InGaAs Photodiode

#17-078, 3mm Dia., Four-Element Segmented InGaAs Photodiode

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Operating Temperature (°C):
-40 to +75
Size of Active Area (mm):
3 Dia.
Storage Temperature (°C):
-55 to +125
Responsivity @ 1310nm (A/W):
0.85 minimum / 0.9 typical
Responsivity @ 1550nm (A/W):
0.9 minimum / 0.95 typical
Rise/ Fall Time @ VR=5V (ns):
24 (typical)
Capacitance @ VR=5V (pF):
Noise Equivalent Power NEP (W/ Hz1/2):
2.50 x 10-14 @ 1550nm
Maximum Reverse Voltage (V):
Dark Current @ VR=5V (nA):
Maximum: 100 Typical: 2.0
Element Gap (mm):

Regulatory Compliance

Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

Segmented InGaAs Photodiodes feature large active areas divided into four individual elements. The four elements of these photodiodes have high response uniformity and low crosstalk, enabling their use in accurate nulling or centering applications. These photodiodes are stable over time and temperature, providing responsivity from 900 - 1700nm with excellent responsivity between 1100 - 1620nm. Segmented InGaAs Photodiodes are ideal for position detection, beam alignment, and beam profiling applications in the near-infrared spectrum. Each photodiode is packaged in an isolated TO-5 or TO-8 can with an antireflection coated window to increase throughput.