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6-way Male/Female Hirose Cable, 3m Length

6-way Hirose Male/Female Cable

6-way Hirose Male/Female Cable

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6-way Hirose Male/Female
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Product Family Description

Optotune 10mm Clear Aperture Industrial Focus-Tunable Lenses combine our Optotune Electrically-Focus Tunable Lenses with C-mount compatible housings to ease mechanical integration into imaging systems. By applying a control current to the lens via Hirose connection, Optotune 10mm Clear Aperture Industrial Focus-Tunable Lenses provide an adjustment range of +8 to +10 diopters. The ability to adjust focal length is ideal for replacing multi-lens focus or zoom systems. To shift the focal range, use any 12mm plano-convex (PCX) or plano-concave (PCV) lens with an edge thickness of less than 4.7mm as an offset lens. An Optotune 10mm Clear Aperture Industrial Focus-Tunable Lens with a premounted -150mm BK7 PCV lens is available for imaging applications.

Note: Hirose cables (#88-941) and Lens Driver (#88-940) sold separately. Prescription data is available to model the effect an offset lens has on overall focal range

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