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8mm FL f/8, Blue Series M12 Imaging Lens

8mm Blue Series M12 μ-Video™ Imaging Lens

8mm Blue Series M12 μ-Video™ Imaging Lens

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Focal Length FL (mm):
Aperture (f/#):
Working Distance (mm):
150 - ∞
Maximum Sensor Format:
Distortion (%):
-6.5 Diagonal, -4.0 Horizontal
Field of View, 1/3" Sensor:
94.0mm - 34.2°
Length (mm):
M12 x 0.5 (S-Mount)
Optimized Working Distance 150-250mm
Specifications are given for optimized range
Outer Diameter (mm):
Primary Magnification PMAG:
0.053X - 0.032X
Resolution, Full Field:
100 lp/mm @ 20% Contrast
M12 Imaging Lens
Field of View, 1/4" Sensor:
69.8mm - 25.7°

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • MegaPixel High Resolution Finite Conjugate Designs
  • Optimized for 1/3” and ½” Sensors with Small Pixels
  • Multiple f/# Options for Performance from 150mm to Infinity

TECHSPEC® Blue Series M12 Imaging Lenses feature high resolution performance, along with the same great versatility of our TECHSPEC® Green Series M12 Imaging Lenses. Each lens consists of several precision glass elements mounted in a compact, aluminum housing. These lenses can connect to C-Mount cameras using the M12 x 0.5 Adapter for C-Mount Cameras (#53-675) or the M12 x 0.5 C-Mount Adapter with Rubber O-Ring (#59-241) for vibration-sensitive environments. TECHSPEC® Blue Series M12 Imaging Lenses are ideal for automotive, industrial, and medical imaging application. Prescription data is available by submitting a Request for Prescription Form.

Note: Compatible TECHSPEC® M12 Imaging Lens Accessories available.

Edmund Optics has created multiple product families of our TECHSPEC® M12 S-Mount Lenses, which are designed to provide high resolution. These high performance lenses feature precision glass designs in a metal housing and have optimized specifications between each product family to meet your application needs.

Technical Information

Focal Length A B C* D
3.0mm 14.0mm 17.1mm 4.8 - 4.7mm 5.8mm
4.0mm 14.0mm 19.7mm 6.1 - 6.0mm 4.4mm
5.0mm 14.0mm 14.6mm 4.0 - 3.9mm 3.7mm
6.0mm 14.0mm 14.1mm 6.9 - 6.8mm 4.5mm
8.0mm 14.0mm 12.3mm 8.8 - 8.6mm 3.7mm
10.0mm 14.0mm 17.0mm 6.6 - 6.3mm 3.7mm
12.5mm 15.0mm 22.9mm 10.1 - 9.7mm 4.8mm
17.5mm 14.0mm 20.7mm 5.8 - 4.9mm 7.6mm
25.0mm 18.0mm 30.0mm 8.5 - 6.5mm 11.5mm

*Specified for Optimized Working Distance of 150 - 250mm.

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