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Cage System Components Kit

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Contents of Kit:
24 Plates, 22 Support Rods, 12 Optical Mounts, 17 Accessories, Assembly Screws, Storage Cabinet and Tools

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Product Description

A storage cabinet is included that provides room for expansion. Adapter plates are also included that allow the TECHSPEC Optical Cage System to be easily interfaced with an existing cage system.
TECHSPEC Cage System Components Kit Contents
Description Usage Quantity
25mm Standard Cage Mounting Plate Basic Cage Construction Plate with M6 tapped hole 8
30mm Standard Cage Mounting Plate 8
30mm Square Mounting Plate Interface for cage sphere and provides larger rod spacing than standard plate 2
30mm Angle Plate Used to introduce 30°, 60°, or 90° bends in the optical path 2
Insertion Plate Allows additions to a cage system without the need for disassembling the rods 1
Filter Holder Plate Easily swap filters within a cage system 1
Interchangeable Filter Holder 2
Cage System Adapter Plate Adapts 30mm rod spacing of other cage systems to the TECHSPEC Optical Cage System 2
C-Mount Adapter Allows for easy interface to C-mount components 4
Cage Sphere w/ 30mm Ports (x5), 43mm Port (x1) Cube for intersecting optical paths. 1
30mm Port Cover 1
Plate Corner Connector Used to connect cage plates at 90° angles 8
12.5mm Dia. Lens Mount Lens mounts designed to fit into cage plates 2
12.7mm Dia. Thick Lens Mount 2
25/25.4mm Dia. Lens Mount  2
25/25.4mm Dia. Thick Lens Mount 2
25mm Simple Optic Mount 1
25/25.4mm Cube Beamsplitter Mount Cube beamsplitter mount fits within 25mm cage plates 1
6mm Dia. x 50mm Length Cage Rod Polished 440 stainless steel rods for basic cage construction 2
6mm Dia. x 100mm Length Cage Rod 4
6mm Dia. x 120mm Length Cage Rod 6
6mm Dia. x 150mm Length Cage Rod 6
6mm Dia. x 300mm Length Cage Rod 4
Blank Disk Block beam path or to customize a simple mount 1
M3 x 0.5 x 2.5mm Socket Head Set Screw Used to lock 6mm rods in place or secure optic mounts and accessories 100
M3 x 0.5 x 6mm Socket Head Set Screw 50
M3 x 0.5 x 10mm Socket Head Cap Screw 50
Allen Key for M3 SHSS Tools for cage assembly 1
Allen Key for M3 SHCS 1
Optical Component Cabinet Storage cabinet for the cage system components kit 1
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