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EO Telecentricity Test Target

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Black Print on White Mylar® with Protective Lamination
0.08X - 5X
Pattern Size (mm):
110 x 156
Dimensions (mm):
110 L x 110 W x 110 H
Aluminum base
Low Magnification Pattern:
2 alternating frequencies: 1) 3 lines, 2mm thick on 3mm centers
2) 4 lines, 0.1mm thick on 2mm centers
Mid Magnification Pattern:
20 lines, 0.1mm thick on 0.5mm centers
High Magnification Pattern:
40 lines, 0.1mm thick on 0.25mm centers

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Certificate of Conformance:
Reach 240:

Product Family Description

  • Critical Tool for Measurement Vision Systems
  • Calibrates Any Type of Lens
  • Covers Large Range of Magnifications

Telecentricity is an extremely useful metric for measuring the amount of perspective error inherent in an imaging system. Determining the degree of telecentricity allows the user to calculate an imaging system’s maximum measurement accuracy. The target can be used to calibrate the degree of telecentricity in both telecentric and non-telecentric lenses. Keystoning becomes visual with the target and can be measured with software. Lenses from our 0.08X MVO® Telecentric Lens (#56-948) to the 5X Mitutoyo Telecentric Objective (#56-986), and any lens in between, including our high resolution Double Gauss lenses, VZM™ Zoom Lenses, and MVO® MMS® interchangeable lens system, can be calibrated or compared with this target.


  • Low Magnification (2 Alternating Frequencies):
    3 Lines, 2mm Thickness on 3mm Centers
    4 Lines, 0.1mm Thickness on 2mm Centers
  • Mid Magnification: 20 Lines, 0.1mm Thickness on 0.5mm Centers
  • High Magnification: 40 Lines, 0.1mm Thickness on 0.25mm Centers