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0.07mm Dia., TO-46 Package, InGaAs Photodiode

InGaAs Photodiodes (FC Receptacle , TO-5, TO-46)

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Type of Optics:
Ball Lens
Spectral Response (nm):
900 - 1700
InGaAs Photodiode
Responsivity @ 1310nm (A/W):
0.8 minimum / 0.9 typical
Responsivity @ 1550nm (A/W):
0.9 minimum / 0.95 typical
Rise/ Fall Time @ VR=5V (ns):
Capacitance @ VR=5V (pF):
1.5 typical
Noise Equivalent Power NEP (W/ Hz1/2):
3.44 x 10-15
Active Area Diameter (mm):
Maximum Forward Current (mA):
Maximum Reverse Current (mA):
Maximum Reverse Voltage (V):
Dark Current @ VR=5V (nA):
0.03 typical / 2 maximum

Regulatory Compliance

Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • Response Range From 900nm to 1700nm
  • Package Supports Single and Multi-Mode Fiber Coupling
  • Both Small Area (High Speed) and Large Area
  • Segmented InGaAs Photodiodes Also Available

InGaAs Photodiodes feature excellent responsivity from 900nm to 1700nm with active areas ranging from 0.07mm to 3.0mm. Photodiodes with active area sizes less than 1mm provide low capacitance, low dark current, and high responsivity from 1100nm to 1620nm, for high speed datacom and telecom applications. Photodiodes with active area sizes of 1mm and up provide large active areas, low noise, and high shunt resistance enabling high sensitivity for weak signals. InGaAs Photodiodes are isolated in TO-46, TO-18, or TO-5 packages with either a ball lens or double-sided AR coated window, depending on the packaging. These photodiodes are ideal for a multitude of research and OEM applications including IR laser alignment, medical diagnostics, and chemical analysis.

Note: To ensure well centered incident light, a focusing lens or pinhole is recommended due to inhomogeneity at the edge of the photodiode chip which can cause a decrease in detector responsivity.