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LA02 Fit Over Rx, Laser Alignment Glasses

Fit Over Rx Glasses. Image represents frame style only. Filter color will vary by product specification.

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Optical Density OD (Average):
>5 @ 190 - 400nm
>3 @ 625 - 660nm
Visible Light Transmission VLT (%):
EN 207/208 Ratings:
RB3 @ 630 - 657nm, RB2 @ 658 - 659nm
Filter Material:
Fit Over Rx Glasses

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Increased Visibility of Discrete Wavelengths for Laser Alignment
  • CE Certified Laser Radiation Protection
  • Available in Fit Over Rx Glasses and Adjustable Wrap Around Styles

Laser Alignment Eyewear provide a balance of protection and visibility with reduced optical densities at discrete wavelengths compared to Laser Safety Eyewear, allowing for alignment of visible lasers. These eyewear products feature durable lenses molded with laser-protective absorptive dyes, which prevents surface scratches from affecting lens performance. Multiple lens designs are available that offer alignment beam visibility at Nd:YAG and diode laser lines including 532nm, 561nm, and 650nm. Laser Alignment Eyewear products are CE certified and come in a protective hard case with an included neck cord and microfiber cloth.

Laser Alignment Eyewear are available in three styles:

Fit Over Rx Glasses: fit over prescription glasses and have side-shields for a wide field of view

Adjustable Temples, Wrap Around Frame Glasses: feature a wrap around design with adjustable temple lengths and angle

Adjustable Bridge, Wrap Around Frame Glasses: feature a wrap around design with an adjustable bridge and comfort fit temples

Warning: Because of the potential for eye damage, the degree of protection required in each circumstance should be determined by the Laser Safety Officer, the industrial hygienist, or the individual responsible for the safety program.

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