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Mini Phone Clip-On Lens Stress Analyzer

Mini Phone Clip-On Lens Stress Analyzer, #11-362

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Product Family Description

  • Identify Lens Stress or Contamination
  • Portable, Compact Design
  • Bench-Top or Phone Clip-On Models Available

Lens Stress Analyzers identify thermal stress, mechanical stress, and contamination on lenses through cross-polarization. These analyzers are available in a bench-top version with a fluorescent light pad and overhead polarizer, or in a compact version that clips onto a smartphone camera for operation. The bench-top model is ideal for lab settings, while the phone clip-on model is great for operators who need to inspect lenses quickly in complex systems. Lens Stress Analyzers allow users to determine whether an underperforming lens requires replacement or cleaning, helping reduce costs on unnecessary replacements. The bench-top version is powered by an AC adapter or 6 AAA batteries (not included), whereas the compact version requires no power.

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