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Schneider Xenoplan Telecentric Lens Mount

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Product Family Description

  • Telecentric In Image and Object Space
  • Fine Focus Adjustment of ±3mm
  • Full Iris Control
  • 2/3" Max. Sensor Format

Schneider’s Xenoplan Bilateral Telecentric lenses set a new standard for lens performance in non-contact optical metrology. These Schneider lenses use a unique bilateral optical design, both object and image space telecentricity is ensured. Five magnifications make up the telecentric Schneider lens family, and are complemented with a lockable, rotating lens support mount to increase system stability.

The Schneider lenses are designed to work with standard 2/3" sensor format cameras and have adjustable iris and focus controls. All lenses have front filter accessory threads for easy integration of popular mounted filters.

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