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Over 6,400 prescriptions Available


File automatically updated with each Zemax release

Easily integrate stock optics into your design or application using our Zemax Lens Catalog. Complete your design quickly and efficiently with over 6,000 unique prescriptions. Our newest catalog has the most up-to-date database of our optical designs, regardless of the Zemax version you are using.

The newest version of Edmund Optics' full Zemax catalog gives you the power to design with all the stock lenses in Edmund Optic's catalog, giving you the full benefits of designing with standard off the shelf optics.

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If an optical design does not appear in our Edmund Optics Zemax Catalog, request one here.

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Figure 1: Insert standard components from EO directly into your Zemax file

5 Tips for Designing with Off-the-Shelf Optics

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Preferred Glass

EO Preferred Glass Types and Zemax Glass Catalogs

For information on our over 65 optical glass types kept on hand at manufacturing sites and to download our Zemax Glass Catalogs click the link below.

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Looking to learn about optics and optical design?

Learn the basics of optics needed to begin designing optical systems in this educational, online Fundamentals of Optics course co-created by Edmund Optics and Zemax. It does not require any previous knowledge in the field of optics.