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Medical Lasers

Medical Lasers

  • Variety of Laser Modules and Laser Optics to Create Your Entire System
  • Standard and Custom Optical Coatings Optimized for Popular Laser Wavelengths
  • ISO9001:2000 and Compliance Programs Designed to Meet the Quality Control Needs of Life Science Manufacturers

Edmund Optics offers a wide selection of laser grade optics for your medical laser applications. Whether you are constructing your own optical platform for laser systems, or you require intricate beam steering and modulation, our knowledgeable staff is ready and eager to assist you. We have greatly expanded our laser optics to work with high power and short pulse rate lasers such as Nd:Yag, Ti:Sapphire, Argon-Ion, Excimer, , and ultrafast systems. In addition to our selection of off-the-shelf laser optics, we offer multiple laser optic assemblies such as ReflX™ objectives, beam expanders, F-theta lenses, and focusing objectives optimized for the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared spectra. Often used in treatments such as general and refractive eye surgery, photodynamic therapy for cancers, ablation of tumors in gynecology, dermatology, and for aesthetic purposes such as tattoo and wrinkle removal, lasers are becoming more and more common in biomedical applications.

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Stock Components for Medical Laser Applications


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What is a Medical Laser?

Medical Lasers are high powered lasers that are used in treatment procedures. From eye surgery, targeted tumor treatment, or precision cuts in surgical procedures, lasers are growing in popularity in the doctor’s office and in the operating room. Though these lasers are growing in popularity, they are heavily regulated and extreme safety precautions are implemented and required. The proper laser safety eyewear must be worn at all times and often respiratory systems are required as fine debris and particles are the result of an area exposed to a class 4 laser. Class 4 lasers are classified as the most dangerous of all laser systems and can easily burn/cut into skin, as well as permanently damage the eye causing blindness and severe pain.

Technical Support

Technical Support

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Designed or tested for use with lasers, check out our selection of laser grade lenses, mirrors, filters, optics assemblies, and more.

Learn more about how EO can help with your next microscopy project with these application notes.

With diverse applications in the life sciences, Edmund Optics has a complete product selection to build your own microscope or entire instrumentation platform.

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