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    Laser Line Mirrors

    Laser Line Mirrors are used for beam-steering in demanding laser applications. Laser Line Mirrors are Optical Mirrors that have been designed for specific laser types or wavelengths. Edmund Optics’ Laser Line Mirrors feature dielectric coatings that have been optimized for high reflectance at specific laser wavelengths.

    Edmund Optics’ offers a wide variety of Laser Line Mirrors for a range of laser types, including Nd:YAG, Excimer, Argon-Ion, Laser Diode, or Ti:Sapphire. Additionally, broadband Laser Line Mirrors are available for the Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, Near-Infrared (NIR), or Infrared (IR). Many of Edmund Optics’ Laser Line Mirrors are available for 0° or 45° angles of incidence.


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