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Superpolishing Manufacturing

  • Minimize Scatter with Ultra-Low Surface Roughness

  • RMS Surface Roughness <1Å

  • Standard Sizes and Shapes from 12.7 to 50.8mm

  • Custom Sizes and Shapes Upon Request

  • Supported by State-of-the-Art Metrology

  • Parts-per-Million Level Scattering


Edmund Optics® is an industry leader in superpolishing optics for ultra-low surface roughness. Superpolished optics minimize scatter and are ideal for laser optics applications where throughput is critical. This technology complements Edmund Optics’ low-loss coatings, which utilize ion beam sputtering (IBS), because coating performance is often limited by the roughness of the glass substrates. Our expert coating and manufacturing engineers can develop a customized solution for your system and guide you throughout your entire product development process. World-class metrology ensures that all superpolished surfaces meet your application needs. What can we make for you?


Superpolishing Capabilities*
RMS Surface Roughness** <1Å
Surface Accuracy <0.1λ
Parallelism (Diameter < 12.7mm) <1 arcsec
Parallelism (Diameter ≥ 12.7mm) <30 arcsec
Surface Quality 10-5 (Over Clear Aperture)
Diameter 6 – 50.8mm
Materials Fused Silica
*Tighter specifications are achievable upon request.
** ≤1 RMS as measured using an optical profiler using a 20x objective at a spatial frequency bandwidth of 9 to 250 cycles per mm. RMS (root mean square) and P-V (peak-to-valley) specifications are calculated from the same set of data, but P-V describes the difference between the highest and lowest data points while RMS describes the mathematical average of a data set.


Ultra-Low Surface Roughness
Polishing & Metrology

To learn more about the fabrication and measurement of superpolished optics, view our on demand webinar.

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Superpolished Optics


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Standard Products

Standard superpolished products are in-stock and ready to ship. Contact us to discuss custom options tailored for your application.


Superpolished Substrates

  • Both Surfaces Superpolished with ≤1Å RMS Surface Roughness
  • Low Scatter Surfaces Ideal for UV or High-Power Laser Applications
  • UV Fused Silica Substrates with Polished Bevels and Edges
  • In-House Manufacturing Enables Custom Sizes and Shapes from 6 to 76.2mm and Surface Roughness <0.5Å

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Superpolished Substrates