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Nanoparticle Polarizers

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UV, VIS-NIR, and NIR High Contrast Polarizers UV, VIS-NIR, and NIR High Contrast Polarizers
  • Multiple Wavelength Ranges for UV, VIS and NIR
  • >100,000:1 Contrast Ratios Available
  • Ideal for Use in Harsh Environments
Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) Polarizers Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) Polarizers
  • 1.5 – 5μm Wavelength Range
  • Mounted for Easy Handling and System Integration
  • Highly Durable Soda Lime Substrate
Corning Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers Corning Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers
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  • High Extinction Ratio and Low Insertion Loss in the NIR
  • Resistant to Chemical, Physical, and Thermal Damage
  • Suitable for High Power Applications
  • Range of Standard Sizes and Custom Options Available
Ultra-Thin Polarizers; 10x10, 12.5mm Dia, and 25mm Dia. Ultra-Thin Nanoparticle Polarizers
  • Lightweight 90µm Thick Substrate
  • >10,000:1 Extinction Ratio
  • Excellent Resistance to Temperature, Chemicals, and Harsh Environments
  • Range of Standard Sizes, Coatings, and Custom Options Available
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