Beamsplitter Manufacturing

  • Wide Variety of Beamsplitter Types Including Polarizing, Non-Polarizing, and Laser Line

  • Customized Solutions for Prototype to Volume Production

  • Design and Application Expertise for Complex Coating and Geometry Needs

  • Coating Capabilities from 350 – 1620nm


Edmund Optics® is a premier manufacturer of cube and plate beamsplitters for applications ranging from the ultraviolet (UV) to the infrared (IR) wavelength spectra. Our expert optical design and manufacturing engineers develop customized solutions for both prototyping and volume production, supporting you throughout your entire product development process. World-class metrology ensures that all beamsplitters meet your application requirements. What can we make for you?


Our beamsplitters are manufactured from a wide variety of SCHOTT, Ohara, and CDGM materials. Whether you require several beamsplitters for prototyping, a few dozen for pre-production, or large quantities for mass production, we can develop a solution tailored for your application. Some values may depend on material and the other required specifications.

* High-precision specifications may require discussion to ensure that these specifications are achievable for your specific situation

Manufacturing Equipment


  • OGP Smartscopes
  • Nikon 6D Autocollimators
  • Fujinan Interferometers
  • Zygo® VeriFire™ High Resolution Interferometers
  • Zygo® NewView White Light Interferometers
  • Zygo® GPI 4” Aperture Vertical and Horizontal Interferometers
  • Zeiss Contura G2 CMMs
  • DigiMicro Microscopes
  • Olympus MX51 Microscopes
  • Optical Spectrophotometers


The Ultimate Guide
to Beamsplitters

Join us for a discussion about different types of beamsplitters and
how to best use them to maximize performance in your application.

Learning Resources


Informative corporate or instructional videos ranging from simple tips to application-based demonstrations of product advantages.

Introduction to Beamsplitters

Introduction to Beamsplitters

Metrology at Edmund Optics: Measuring as a Key Component of Manufacturing

Metrology at Edmund Optics: Measuring as a Key Component of Manufacturing

Selecting the Right Beamsplitter

Selecting the Right Beamsplitter

Selecting the Right Beamsplitter

Edmund Optics Global Manufacturing Facilities Video

Application Notes

Technical information and application examples including theoretical explanations, equations, graphical illustrations, and much more.

What are Beamsplitters?

An Introduction to Optical Coatings

Building a Custom Optical Isolator with Stock Components


Selecting the Right Beamsplitters

Contact us with your system requirements and our expert staff of optical manufacturing engineers will partner with you to ensure we deliver beamsplitters that meet your application’s needs within your budget.


  • Easy Mounting and Integration with 0° AOI
  • No Beam Shift
  • Equal Transmitted and Reflected Optical Path Lengths
  • Shorten the Optical Path Length of a System

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