Window or Filters Modification Quote Request Form – Step 1 of 2

Please complete the form below to request a quotation for a customized window. First, type the stock number of the off-the-shelf window that is the closest match to your requested item so that it may be used as a reference window. Next, select the required anti-reflection, reflection, or filter coating. If a filter coating is selected, please provide the required coating parameters or a reference stock filter coating. After, fill in the finished part dimensions and check the box if edge blackening is needed to decrease stray light. Note: The thickness cannot be changed from the reference stock window thickness. Lastly, please provide the requested quantity, information about the application, and any additional requests or notes.


Typical Finished Part Specifications
Thickness Based on the selected product.
Material Based on the selected product.
Modified Dimension Tolerance ±0.1mm
Surface Quality 80-50
Clear Aperture 80% of outer dimension
Irregularity (Plano/Spherical) Based on the selected product.
Bevel FW Tolerance MIN = NONE, MAX = 0.5mm
Bevel Angle Tolerance @45° ±15°
Edge Chips ≤0.5mm outside the clear aperture