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Corning Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers

Corning Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers

  • High Extinction Ratio and Low Insertion Loss in the NIR
  • Resistant to Chemical, Physical, and Thermal Damage
  • Suitable for High Power Applications
  • Range of Standard Sizes and Custom Options Available

Corning Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers feature a high extinction ratio and low insertion loss at wavelengths in the NIR. These linear polarizers consist of elongated silver crystals aligned within a borosilicate glass substrate, providing a polarization mechanism based on resonant absorption. This polarization mechanism causes light of unwanted polarization directions to be absorbed, ensuring that stray light is eliminated. Corning Polarcor™ Glass Polarizers can be used to polarize light, block polarized light, reduce reflections, improve image contrast, modulate and control the intensity of light, or improve the signal to noise ratio. These polarizers are ideal for integration into polarization-dependent optical isolators, optical modulators, and other polarization-based devices in the telecommunications, medical, and defense industries.

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