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High Contrast Glass Linear Polarizers (XP42)

  • Uncoated and Visible AR Coated Options
  • >99.98% Polarization Efficiency
  • 42% Transmission for Uncoated and 45% Transmission for AR Coated Versions
  • XP42 Plastic and Film Also Available

TECHSPEC® High Contrast Glass Linear Polarizers (XP42) are a high transmission, high efficiency solution that are ideal for a broad range of industrial and laboratory applications. Featuring a >99.98% polarization efficiency and an extinction ratio of 9000:1, these polarizers are constructed with an XP42 high contrast linear polarizing film laminated between two pieces of optical grade glass. TECHSPEC High Contrast Glass Linear Polarizers (XP42) are available uncoated or with a visible AR coating that provides increased transmission from 425 – 700nm. Typical single filter transmission with randomly polarized incident light is 42% for the uncoated options and 45% for the AR coated options.