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Understanding Camera Mounting Interfaces

Interested in learning about the different types of camera mounts available from Edmund Optics?

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Lens Mounts

There are numerous mount types for connecting an imaging lens to a camera. Depending on the application, some mounts are more useful than others.

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Multiphoton Microscopy

Multiphoton microscopy is ideal for capturing high-resolution 3D images with reduced photobleaching and phototoxicity compared to confocal microscopy.

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Confocal Microscopy

Confocal microscopy provides high resolution, elimination of out-of-focus glare due to spatial filtering, and reduction of light-induced damage to the sample.

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Light Sheet Microscopy

Light sheet fluorescence microscopy uses a 2D laser sheet to illuminate a thin slice of the sample and excite fluorescence, reducing phototoxicity and damage.

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Are you new to imaging or looking for a refresh on camera types? Learn about the advantages to camera types, digital interfaces, and more at Edmund Optics.

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