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Why plastic aspheric lenses?

Edmund Optics® TECHSPEC® Plastic Aspheric Lenses and TECHSPEC® Plastic Hybrid Aspheric Lenses are both manufactured utilizing Zeon Chemical’s Zeonex E48R material. Zeonex materials feature high transparency, low fluorescence, low birefringence, low water absorption, and high heat and chemical resistance, making it a superior material vs. other commonly available plastics. Zeonex is a Cylco Olefin Polymer (COP) material.

Plastic Materials Selection Guide
PropertyGlassZeonex E48RPMMAPolycarbonatePolystyrene
Transmission Excellent Excellent Excellent Good Very Good
Low Refractive Index Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor Poor
Birefringence Excellent Excellent Excellent Poor Poor
Water Absorption Excellent Excellent Poor Good Excellent
Impact Resistance Poor Good Good Excellent Good
Moldability Fair Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
Heat Resistance Excellent Good Poor Good Poor
Coating Adhesion Excellent Good Fair Fair Fair
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