The Challenges of Coating Laser Crystals


The Challenges of Coating Laser Crystals

Join us to learn about the unique challenges associated with coating laser crystals. We will discuss solutions and key parameters to look for when sourcing coated laser crystals to maximize the performance of your laser system.

Learn the Intricacies of Laser Crystal Coating

We invite you to attend this 30-minute webinar presented by Karl George Jr., Laser Optics Business Development Manager at Edmund Optics® Florida.

At the end of this webinar, attendees will have a strong understanding of:

  • The importance of crystals in laser systems
  • Solutions for the unique challenges experienced when coating laser crystals
  • Key parameters to look for when sourcing laser crystals
Boris Lange
Karl George Jr.

Karl George Jr. has 38 years of experience in the photonics industry. He spent five years developing optical coatings for high-precision optics at Perkin Elmer and Brysen Optical. Karl’s first exposure to laser optics was at Virgo Optics, improving manufacturing processes for laser crystals and pioneering the development of Ti:sapphire mirrors. He then went on to spend 30 years at the industry-leading manufacturer of high-power laser optics and crystals, Quality Thin Films (QTF). QTF established itself as a leader in crystal fabrication and coating for high-power lasers, winning the 2008 Boulder Competition for the highest damage threshold ever recorded. QTF was acquired by Edmund Optics® in 2020 and Karl serves as Laser Optics Business Development Manager, focusing on high-power laser applications.




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